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We are a mobile rental company located in Chicago. Reserve your SFG Rides and Rental!

How It All Started

Scoot for Good™ was established in 2013. We started as a group of friends having fun exploring the city on all types of scooters/mopeds. Some of us have even explored other countries including Vietnam, India, Cambodia and Europe on scooter. Due to the number of inquiries from people we meet, we decided to create an amazing experience for our visitors and residents. Whether it’s riding through downtown or around Chicago’s great niche neighborhoods, we are here to “awake your senses” with SFG Scooter Rides and Rental!





Feel good. Look good. Do good. It's more than a ride, it's Scoot for Good fill in your imagination!

During one of my latest trips to Vietnam, I decided to rent a cute Vespa and ride along with the chaotic masses. I felt empowered, free and all of my senses were met with delightful aroma of street food vendors, the sound of a lively city, and the sight of activities I wouldn’t have seen if I traveled in a car or bus. It was super easy to get around. Based on my experiences, I wanted to share that same feeling in the states. Do you want the same experience? Book your Scoot for Good Rides and Rental now, and we guarantee you’ll have an experience of a lifetime.
Second Language: Vietnamese and French

Lead Guide

On most occasions, I am cheerfully nerdy. I have traveled all over the world and know Chicago metro very well and all the history associated to it, this includes our renowned restaurants, weekly events, and random street trivia.
Second language: German


A.K. may have speed, but Mel has scooter style. Mel’s out on her scooter as we speak, so this will be continued…
Second language: English


Stalwart Vespa supporter & energetic environmentalist. I’m a world traveler and French is my second language! Qui, qui! So who needs a car these days when you can ride with a guide or rent with SFG Rides and Rental?
Second language: French


I know I have the fastest scooter out of everyone and I call her “The Mighty One!” I loathe bad decisions and I don’t curtsey. I am well-versed in the rules of the road and scooter safety. I have a penchant for one-liners and sarcastic wit. Scoot for Good.
Second Language: Spanish

On HER way!
On HER way!
On HER way!

Our mission: Offer a great scooter riding experience to visitors and residents while helping charitable causes.