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We are a mobile rental company located in Chicago. Reserve your SFG Rides and Rental!

We Will

  • Demonstrate the basic scooter functions
  • Review scooter safety and laws
  • Test your coordination

What's Included

  • One person per scooter
  • 49-cc scooters
  • Liability insurance
  • Full gas tank
  • Helmet
  • Maps and suggested routes

You Will Need

  • 18+to Ride with a Guide, 21+ to Rent our Scoots
  • Valid drivers license
  • Proof of insurance
  • Credit Card or Debit Card
  • Bicycle Riding Ability
  • Eye Protection 
  • Alert and sober (not under the influence)
  • Sign Scoot for Good Ride Acknowledgement, Waiver & Release form
  • Sign Scoot for Good Rental form
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Violations, Citations, Oh My!

You are responsible for all parking citations, and any unpaid parking citations will be dealt with according to law and an additional $25 late/processing fee.

Lost Key

Lost Key Charge – If you lose the scooter key, there will be a $50 replacement fee.

Observation and Coordination

We have the right to refuse or cancel service to any "buzzed" or visibly intoxicated person or anyone who demonstrates poor balance or difficulty coordinating the scooter during the practice session.


No shows are non-refundable.

The Weather

For rides and rentals: Rides maybe canceled due to weather, and we will notify you the day of and no worries, we have rescheduling options.

*This is non-refundable. We cannot control Mother Nature but we are reasonable and we will work with you as best we can.

We have rescheduling options, please contact us (312) 420-2936 or email info@scootforgood.com